Cultural Preservation

Native Indian Community

Embera Quera residents come from different villages; its main founder came from manene, Darien, to contribute to the development of the region of Alto Chagres, invited by his cousin Miguel Flaco, then a resident of Embera Drua. There also lived Emeregildo Amagara and Melenio Bedoya, the first of these decisive for the creation of the new village.

Until 1999 they resided in Embera Drúa, boosting local tourism development; from there they moved to Parará Purú in search of greater opportunities, they also found there. With the firm conviction that they had found a village entirely devoted to tourism, decide to seek an appropriate field at the end of 2006.

Embera Quera , is a tourist community established since January 2007 on the shores of Gatun Lake, Township of Limon, district and province of Colon, Republic of Panama. It is a village of Embera composed of people who came from Darien and other communities of the East Sector Watershed Panama Canal, dedicated exclusively to tourism.

The Community has adopted a regulation which establishes the purpose and conditions of residence and out of the community, volunteer work and the organization and functions of agencies and tourist traditional base, for guidance and strict compliance of all residents. They also have a Tourism Regulation determines the activities and conditions of service by all residents.

In short, the community has determined its exclusive dedication to service tourism. For social and community purposes it has been established traditional government led by a NOKO that oversees social welfare, healthy living and preservation of customs and cultural traditions they represent. The Noko is accompanied in its functions by a Board of Directors, and has an alternate who acts during his temporary absences.